You Can Now Trade Crypto With AstroPay

Trade Crypto With AstroPay

Trade Crypto With AstroPay

The famous online payment solution has just launched a cryptocurrency offering and users can now trade crypto with AstroPay. The company is among the leading providers of payment solutions in the gaming world, especially in Latin America. Undoubtedly, their newest option will make the platform even more attractive.

Actually, AstroPay has introduced crypto to their users more than 2 years ago. However, there was no option for trading so far. This new addition is a step forward for the company towards the younger tech-savvy generation of digital natives.

The cryptocurrency market’s size has expanded exponentially since Bitcoin was launched a few years ago and we believe the sector is poised for further exponential growth, especially driven by the new Web 3.0.

Mikael Lijtenstein, Astropay CEO

How to trade crypto with AstroPay?

First of all, the AstroPay digital wallet supports the major and hottest cryptocurrencies. Currently, their portfolio includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Cardano. Moreover, AstroPay is the first e-wallet in Latin America that supports Cardano (ADA) tokens.

The trade option is available both from the web and from the mobile application. It’s simple and pretty straightforward. First, the user should choose the trade option, then, in a few quick steps, he will be able to purchase the desired crypto tokens. He can select from a wide range of payment methods in USD or the local currency of the user.

The best aspect of this newly implemented trading option is that there are no purchase, trading, or transfer fees.

Currently, the option to trade crypto with AstroPay is available in selected markets, but the company is planning to expand the scope further.


About AstroPay

AstroPay is a pioneer in global payment solutions dating back from 2009. The e-wallet is a top choice for online payment especially in the gaming sphere for users from Latin America. However, AstroPay is available worldwide and helps over 5 million customers to make fast and secure transactions online.

Author: Brandon Johnson