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Poker has enjoyed a dramatic rise in popularity over the years. A factor that contributes to the fun of this game is the thrills that come with acquiring poker skills. Indeed, when you ask someone about poker, they generally think of Texas Hold’em. Yet, there are several variants of poker and this makes it an interesting casino table game to enjoy. This guide will provide an insight into the common variants of poker.

Common Terms in Poker

To begin with Poker, here are some terms that current and prospective players should know:

Ante: To get involved in the game, you must bet a minimum amount which is the Ante

Blinds: The blinds are chips put forward before any cards are dealt. Usually, there are two types of blinds known as the small and the big and they ensure money is wagered with every deal. One certain thing is that blinds rotate around players with each new deal played.

Call: Calls indicate a player’s willingness to match the amount raised by another player after placing a new wager.

Check: When the player does not wish to raise the wager and has not placed a new wager, they may check.

Raise: The player would like to increase his bet.

Get used to the terms in the game by practicing on our website. You can also play a real game without paying with the how to play blackjack at Bet365 feature. You will find the most popular variants of poker in the list introduced as follows:

Texas Hold’em

This is the most popular variant of poker and is played in the World Series of Poker. The round commences with a blind bet and Texas Hold’em is often characterized by small blind and big blind. The latter is twice as much as the former. This involves the players being dealt two hole cards face down, as well as three community cards, face-up, which are used to build the 5 cards in a hand. These phases are called the pre-flop and the flop.

After these phases, you get another community card that is dealt face-up, just next to the flop. This is known as the turn. Once this has been dealt, another community card is dealt face up after the others. This is known as the river. Once this is dealt, the final round involves the remaining players left to show their hands at once. The players build their best hands possible by using the hole cards alongside the community cards. 

Ties are more common in Hold ’em than any other variant since it makes use of community cards. To break the ties, certain rules are reserved based on the cards in the players’ hands. 

Seven-Card Stud

Before the emergence of Texas Hold’em, the seven-card stud was the most popular poker variant in the United States. It is commonly played by two to eight players. However, having eight players in the game might require certain rules for the last cards that are dealt if none of the players fold. It is even possible to play with nine players if the players are experienced and fold often.

To begin the game, the players are dealt two cards face down, as well as a card face up. The bring-in is paid by the player that has the lowest-ranking upcard. After that, betting commences in a clockwise fashion. Once the first betting round is concluded, another upcard is dealt to the players. This is followed by a second betting round that commences with the player whose upcards contribute to the best poker hand. A third upcard and a betting round then follow this second round, which is also followed by a fourth upcard and another betting round, and eventually a downward and a fifth betting round.

Five-Card Draw

This represents the simplest version of poker. Every round is characterized by ante and blind bets. Once these bets are concluded, the players are dealt a hand, which consists of 5 cards. These players are required to keep these cards hidden and the first betting phase commences.

The draw phase represents the next phase of the round. It is in this phase that players can decide to get rid of cards from their hands and demand to be dealt that many cards. This phase can be used to improve hands to make up more valuable hands. Some versions of five-card draw require a limit on the number of cards that can be dispensed with and replaced. Yet, this limit does not exist, oftentimes. There are times that players can even discard an entire hand for a new hand if they wish.


There is another version of Hold ‘Em called Omaha, which can be played by two – ten players at once. The betting rounds are similar to those in Texas Hold ‘Em, but unlike that version, the five community cards are revealed immediately and each player is dealt with four hole cards. From two of their hole cards and three of their common cards, players must form their best 5-card hands.

The final betting phase commences once the draw phase reaches a conclusion. Then, players must reveal their cards, with the best hands winning the pot. 

Author: Brandon Johnson